Meet Martin

Name: Martin Jackson
Grant: ESG Escambia County
Services: Rapid Re-Housing (Rental Deposit , Rent Payment Assistance)         

From living in the woods, to signing off on his new home... Congratulations to Mr. Martin Jackson on signing the lease on your new home!!!!!

September 21, 2017 | I-CARE

A big surprise awaited us when we all came back from the event and it just validated why we do what we do and why we need to stay coordinated as a community to keep a constant watch on the strategic planning of our most vulnerable residents and the programs in place.

The story is three years ago ECOH helped Mr. Jackson into housing after he lost his home to a fire. Mr. Jackson also lost his roommate in the fire and suffered depression from the loss. He eventually returned back to streets.

Our lesson learned is we needed to case manage these folks we place in housing for a period of time, hence is how the I-CARE Challenge Grant Pilot program began.

We are now in our second year of the I-CARE program, we have graduated the first 12 clients and now selected 12 more.

Mr. Jackson stopped by after the event to let us know he is doing well, employed and has his own place.

The other picture you see is the staff de-briefing after the event. We do live in the hometown of the Blue Angels and this is something they do after every flight. We can all learn from each other.