Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry

Quickly Connecting People with the Help They Need

The Coordinated Entry System is a consistent, streamlined process for accessing the resources available for those experiencing a housing crisis.

With the goal of quickly and permanently ending housing crisis, the Coordinated Entry System quickly identifies, assesses need and appropriately refers, connecting those in crisis with the community service providers they actually need and would benefit from.

Additionally, this system often identifies gaps in service that can help the community as a whole plan for and improve services.

Coordinated Entry follows a client-centered approach that includes the use of assessments that are easily understood and based in part on a participant's unique strengths, goals, risks and other protective factors. The Opening Doors staff is trained to be sensitive to each participant's lived experiences, and program participants have a choice in the types of housing and services provided; paving the way out of cyclical homelessness.

How Coordinated Entry Assessment Works

The Benefits of Coordinated Entry

How can this approach help to end homelessness?

• It unites organizations providing assistance, eliminating duplication of services provided

• It improves data collection & reporting by centralizing need/impact data that is shared among partner agencies via a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

• It focuses on connecting people at risk with appropriate prevention services before an individual or family is in crisis

• It provides a way to accurately measure & evaluate program or process performance

• It helps identify gaps in programs/services, guiding decisions on resource allocation, services or program needs that will have the greatest impact

• It is designed to efficiently identify, assess & connect those in crisis to housing/assistance

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