Who are the Homeless?

Information gathered from the nationwide Point in Time Count. Data used from the survey encompasses the homeless populations of Florida's Escambia & Santa Rosa counties.

The Homeless Population

in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties

Where Do They Find Shelter?

Percent per Shelter Type



* Note: Stigma is a significant factor in the low self-reporting of transgender and gender non-conforming among homeless individuals.

** Note: -0.0001 indicates that this answer was not provided as an option at the time of this survey.

Female Sheltering
Male Sheltering
Female Sheltering Percentages
Male Sheltering Percentages

Racial Counts & Disparity

Proportion Disparity
Proportion Disparity, Scaled Yearly Relative to the Racial Majority

As a proportion of county populations, those that identify as Black or African American are three times more likely to be homeless than those that identify as White.

* Note: Other encompasses the options of Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and Multiple Races.

Veterans & Chronically Homeless

* Note: Veteran and Chronically Homeless data not collected in 2021 due to the pandemic.
Veteran Sheltering
Chronically Homeless Sheltering
Percent Veterans Sheltered
Percent Chronically Homeless Sheltered

* Note: Specific sheltering method not recorded for veterans before 2015.